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News - September 2009


Supernova.com - Discover Indie Music and Events         21st September 2009

Supernova.com is an online music community to seek out and actively promote its artists to the industry and live in concert.

"For over a decade, Supernova.com has set out to help Indie bands grow from garage to emerging, empower listeners to explore new music, and provide the music industry with the next wave of emerging artists. It is the only online music community which actively promotes its artists by producing over 250 live Battle of the BandsŪ concerts to showcase their music and talents. By joining the Supernova.com social network and uploading their music and video, bands can easily find new listeners and gain limitless exposure.

As a thriving destination for the latest musical talent, Supernova.com brings fans the ultimate music discovery experience, while giving listeners the power to elevate their favourite bands to the top of the charts. Users can log in to explore music from any artist in the Supernova community, share their favourite music and videos, plus vote to help determine the Battle of the BandsŪ winners. The result is a musically immersive and interactive community for bands, fans and listeners, all focused on their passion for new music.

Supernova.com is the only social network that brings their artist and listener community together both online and on the concert stage. Sign up to find gigs and play live shows, discover new bands and listen to new music."


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