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News - September 2009


MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v2.16            03rd September 2009

MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to v2.16.


  • Added drum designer - you can now edit your drumsets without the drumset editor right in the quick setup. Drum designer let's you choose each component from hundreds of predefined drums.
  • Added master effect selector - quick setup now contains a master effect selector you can use to apply rooms, distortions and other effects with just a few clicks. MDrummer contains more than hundred predefined sets.
  • Added effect presets - integrated effects now have presets, which are also synchronized with our VST effects of the same type. When you install our free VST effects or MReverb, you will get the default set of presets in MDrummer too.
  • Added separate panel for mixer and master effects - for easier access to the mixer and master effect pipeline it has been separated to a separate panel and the globals panel now contains song structure, settings and MIDI filters.
  • Added saturation to MReverb.
  • Added dry/wet volume compensation to MReverb.
  • MIDI import now applies input MIDI filters, which makes it easy to convert from non-standard libraries.
  • Batch MIDI import can now convert all your MIDI banks into MDrummer loops.
  • Added input & output gain to MWaveShaper.
  • Several SSE optimizations.
  • Optimized wav loading.
  • Changed MReverb defaults.
  • Added track peak feature to MAnalyzer.
  • Avoided glitches when loading.
  • Fix: Double click in loop editor tracks outside of any track could cause crash.
  • Fix: Duplicate drum didn't clone effect enablings.

MDrummer offers VST plugin and standalone versions. MDrummer Small  is a free MDrummer edition which contains everything you need - standalone application and VST plugin.

It does not contain drumset editor nor rhythm editor nor rhythm generator. However it contains several drumsets and rhythms and it is FREE!


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