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News - December 2009


KVR Developer Challenge 2009: The Winners Are: 1st: FerricTDS; 2nd: HybridReverb2; 3rd: FMMF!             04th December 2009

"The 2009 KVR Developer Challenge has finally some to an end. Thank you to all developers who took the time to create something and enter the Challenge and thank you to everyone who has donated and those who have taken the time to download and vote."

Now, without further ado, I'm very pleased to announce the winners are:

1st - FerricTDS by bootsie

With over twice as many points as the second placed entry, FerricTDS by bootsie, a Windows VST effect Tape Dynamics Simulator plug-in, is the clear favourite in this year's Challenge. Bootsie wins 30% of the prize fund as the top Windows entry!

2nd - HybridReverb2 by c.borss

In second place, and top placed Mac entry, is HybridReverb2 by c.borss, a convolution-based reverberation VST effect plug-in for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. c.borss wins 30% of the prize fund as the top Mac entry!

3rd - FMMF by de la Mancha

Another 121 points behind in third place is FMMF by de la Mancha, a 4 operator FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer VST instrument plug-in for Windows. de la Mancha gets 20% of the prize fund as the next highest placed entry.

Congratulations to the top three and honorable mentions to the seven that complete the top 10:

- Twin Engined Verb (by daz.diamond) (just 4 points behind third place!)

- massTURBOtar (by LpD)

- Antopya (by L-Day)

- Phase Shifter (by Astralp)

- SpectroBits (by g200kg)

- PanCake (by Jakob / CableGuys)


All plugins are freeware.


Visit: 2009 KVR Developer Challenge




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