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News - August 2009

Raw Material Software releases JUCE v1.50        18th August 2009

Raw Material Software has announced the release of version 1.50 of JUCE, the cross-platform C++ toolkit for developing applications and plug-ins on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It's been a long since the last official release and there are a vast number of new features and fixes in this version so you need to check the SVN logs for more detailed information.

Some new features include:

  • All Mac native code has been ported from Carbon to Cocoa. (There are a few exceptions, e.g. audio plug-ins, where Carbon support is still needed, but these remnants can easily be phased out in the future when no longer needed).
  • Amalgamated builds: The entire Juce library can now be added to your application as a single (very large) cpp file. This can speed up builds (no need to build the juce library) and simplify project management, as well as making it easy to handle multiple juce projects that all need the library to be built with different settings.
  • Support for browser plug-ins. In a similar way to building audio plug-ins, you can now build NPAPI and ActiveX browser plug-ins.
  • Support for webcams. The CameraDevice class makes it easy to show a preview of a camera, and to stream its input to a video file.

JUCE is freeware.


Visit: Raw Material



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