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News - December 2009


The Top 3 Sites To Find Free MP3 Music Downloads For European Artists           22nd December 2009

Via makeuseof.com

The Top 3 Sites To Find Free MP3 Music Downloads For European Artists:

TONSPION (German language)  - This German site reviews artists and regularly provides fans with free tracks. Tonspion translates to sound spy.

The artists featured here are not exclusively European. There have been and will be free downloads from all over the world, including US artists like Madonna, Eminem, and Kings of Leon. However, the list of the site’s most popular artists includes predominantly European musicians, for example Coldplay, Radiohead, Dúné, The Kooks, and Mando Diao.


New Melodies - New Music, 100% Free & Legal - Free MP3 Downloads from Major Artists and Indies. Sponsors pay NM artists so you don't ever have to pay.

"Since the only way to have authentic freedom comes from creating harmonious justice for everyone, the New Melodies Community is born with the basic principle of eradicating music piracy, but we face the issue from a new perspective: instead of perpetuating unsuccessful efforts, we seek to create a sinergic plattform where musicians and audiences have a direct, transparent relationship. Equal opportunities must be given to everyone with the essential objective of reaching total freedom for music.

  In order for music to be truly free –in all senses-, artists need to receive the fair pay they deserve for filling our lives with new melodies. Also, people need an open window, rich with new musical possibilities, while satisfying their desire to obtain all these tunes without having to spend money. All this while supporting their favorite artists.

This is where the third element comes in, the one responsible for putting the whole thing in motion: our sponsors. In order for everyone to download their favorite songs without having to pay for them but keeping a fair remuneration for artists, our sponsors have the opportunity to communicate messages from their brands which are specifically interesting for each member of our Community. This is how the circle closes up and goes around.

Each time a new member joins our flight, a new pair of wings is added, bringing all of us closer and closer to the ultimate dream of setting the music free, for everybody, forever."


Jamendo - Within the 10,000 songs containing archive, you will discover music from around the world. European artists and bands include Silence from Belgium, Bass from France, and sion from the UK.

To browse artists by country, go through the categories > Music > Creative Commons. You’ll see a list of all free albums and various CC attributions and a little flag displayed in the bottom left with each artist. When you hover the mouse cursor over the flag, it will show you which country these colors belongs to. Next, click any European flag and finally you’ll see an option to browse artists by country in the top left, below “Browsing … albums”.




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