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News - August 2009

Topten Software re-releases Cantabile Lite             19th August 2009

Cantabile Lite is the free version of Cantabile. Based on the same audio engine as Cantabile Performer you get proven stability and performance for free!

Cantabile Lite is back! The feature set has changed somewhat however.

The intention here is to make a really simple scratch pad type host. The host to go to when you just want to quickly test a plugin, or as a flexible tool for preset and bank management.

As such all recording and playback capabilities have been removed, but a whole set of new capabilities revolving around plugin, preset and bank management have been added

Changes in Cantabile Lite

  • Unlimited racks and plugins.
  • Preset morph and randomization tools – inspiration for sound designers.
  • Program organiser – easy management of plugin banks.
  • Custom controllers (sliders and buttons) on the on-screen keyboard.
  • Partial send support – ability to peel of part of a rack’s output and send to up to two other racks (Cantabile Solo inherits this too).
  • User tools – ability to launch external programs.
  • Fast session switching – where plugins are re-used between sessions.
  • Incremental save – for saving presets/banks and sessions with an automatically increasing counter in the filename.
  • A/B preset toggling.
  • Ability to set the default state for new sessions.
  • Ability to show plugin editors as topmost windows.
  • Ability to re-open plugin editors when reloading a session.
  • Ability to restore a plugin to the state as loaded from session or factory default state.
  • Ability to undo all edits to a plugin since opening the plugin editor.


Visit: Topten Software



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