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News - September 2009

QuikQuak releases BarChimes v0.10         08th September 2009

QuikQuak has released BarChimes v0.10, a accurate physics simulation of a set of Bar Chimes, which includes collisions, slides and multi-chain hits of 36 semi-tone tuned bars.

What you get:

  • A detailed 36 bar physics simulation.
  • Collisions, gravity and audio accurately portrayed.
  • Photo-realistic 3D representation.
  • Velocity and sweep analysis simulates movement through the chimes.
  • Highly optimised.

What you don't get yet:

  • Any parameter controls.
  • Alternate layouts.
  • Full version will include gravity, material and audio tone and pitch controls.
  • Mac version not available yet.

Use the Natural (or White) MIDI notes to sweep up the chimes (C3 to C8). The start and direction of sweep, combined with speed, are the main contributors to the output of the chimes - it's not about hitting individual notes. Note that the MIDI notes do not directly correspond to the actual semitones the chimes are tuned to. The white notes were chosen for ease of keyboard sweeps. It's the style of play that's important here.

This is an early beta version. The 3D models will have more detail later on, although when playing this early version you may notice that the strings holding the bars bend around the wooden beam at the top. Being completely virtual, there may be dozens of options available in the final version; gravity, size, tuning, dampening, sound tweaking and materials - the bars can have any length and pitch.

The free beta version 0.1 is available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.


Visit: QuikQuak




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