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News - December 2009


Odo Synths releases 38911 Bytes v4.0                   17th December 2009

Odo Synths has released version 4.0 of 38911 Bytes (3.84 mb), a free virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

38911 Bytes is a one oscillator synth. It`s a synthesizer based on Commodore 64 software but it can do a lot more.

It has 1 oscillator with 4 waveforms (Saw, Triangle, Pulse,pitched Noise) ringmodulation waveforms (Saw, Triangle,Pluse). PulseWidth Octaves from -3 to 4.

1 ringmodulation oscillator with 3 waveforms (saw,triangle,pulse) PulseWidth,octaves range -3 to 4 and notes C to B

2 LFOs with 19 waveforms,16 different BPM rates and manual rate an ADSR with curves for the depth of the LFO.

A low/hi depth button

The LFOs can start when hitting a key (GATE) start when you hit play in your sequencer (FIRST) and start at any point (FREE)

Destinations are pitch, pw ,cutoff and resonance

4x16 step sequencers:

have 11 BPM rates,manual rate and c64 rate.The BPM rates only work when you set the sequence on BPM mode in Manual rate and in c64 rate all the sequencers have the same rate.

1 waveform sequencer you can select the following waveforms (saw, triangle, pulse,pitched noise,RM Triangle,RM saw,RM Pulse)

1 octave sequencer range from -3 to 4

1 Octave and notes sequencer notes form C toB and octave range -3 to 4

1 Filter with a sequencer and envelope.

Pich envelope
PulseWidth envelope
Cutoff envelope
Volume envelope
lofi effects.

A bitcrusher
mono/poly mode
retrigger on/off


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