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News - September 2008

VRsoonic relases HeadSpace Room v.1.0         19th September 2008

HeadSpace Room is a new physical modeling based reverb VST plug-in that accurately simulates room reverberation. A user-definable virtual listening environment allows for adjustable room dimensions and material properties. Floor, wall, and ceiling materials may be chosen from a bank of 35 materials.

HeadSpace Room has reconfigurable inputs and outputs so you can use it in many different configurations. Given mono input, it can produce reverb in either mono, stereo or 5.1 surround output. With stereo or 5.1 input the plugin applies mono reverb to each of the input channels acting as a multi-channel reverb unit.

  • Physically based room response model
  • Phase accurate, decorrelated multi-channel output in stereo and surround mode
  • Choose from 35 material properties
  • Reconfigurable inputs and outputs
  • Output mono, stereo or 5.1 reverb


Format: Effect (VST)

Copy Protection: Serial Number

Cost: $99

Classification: Reverb


A free trial of HeadSpace Room may be downloaded by visiting

Visit: vrsonic.com



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