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News - September 2008

Homegrown Sounds releases Soundscaper                 12th September 2008

Homegrown Sounds releases Soundscaper, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows capable of reverb, echo and comb effects.

SoundScaper is a VST Effect Plugin for Windows capabable of Reverb, Echo and Comb effects. It was designed primarily as way of creating atmospheric landscapes in the tradition of the HGSounds ethos. It has almost infinite feedback time for many modes, and so is capable of producing rich and complex drones when used with a continuous sound source. It can also be used as a traditional reverb or echo suitable for any application.

SoundScaper has a diverse range of sonic possibilities using 300 datasets of comb/allpass timings, each providing a different effect model. Each of these modes can then be set to 1 of 33 different Multipliers which take it through tight comb based effects, to reverbs and finally echo banks.

As with all HGS VSTi's instant gratification is built in with a randomization system that will always result in a unique and usable patch, plus randomizers for each individual section. The plugin was initially based on Freeverb, though has been expanded and highly optimized using SSE making it a lightweight plugin with a small footprint.

SoundScaper is a free VST plugin, but as ever donations are much appreciated if you find the plugin useful. There will be a second version available soon with the ability to set timings manually.


  • 300 different Timing Models
  • Number of Combs switchable between 1 and 8
  • Number of Allpasses switchable between 0 and 4
  • 33 Styles which multiply the selected Mode Timings by increasing amounts
  • Size - Sets the feedback level of the Effect
  • Width - Sets the Stereo Spread of the Effect
  • Damp - Sets how much the signal is damped
  • MIx - Sets level between Dry and Wet
  • Master Volume - Sets the Master Output Level
  • Randomizers - A master Randomize for complete Randomization as well as local randomizers
  • Default - Instantly sets the patch to its default parameters
  • Freeze - Will Freeze the output when clicked, Dry signals pass through


Visit: Homegrown Sounds



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