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News - September 2008

AZ Audio releases SampleTagger         17th September 2008

AZ Audio has released SampleTagger, an audio sample cataloging software for Windows systems.

SampleTagger can be used as an audio file explorer or as a serious cataloging tool.

SampleTagger features:

  • Clean user interface build around three tabbed views and two tag panels.
  • Classic explorer view with a list synced to a tree.
  • File scanner with variable scanning depth.
  • Tagging system using 255 user-defined tags.
  • Audio preview of *.wav, *.aiff, *.flac,mp3.
  • Support for these file formats, including *.mid.
  • Virtual folders view with lists used to hold bookmarked items.
  • Tag editing routines(copy, paste, overpaste, clear, spray) working on multi- item selection.
  • Contextual taging and various contextual actions depending on the activeview.
  • Item searches using logical tag filtering routines (AND inclusive, AND exclusive, OR).
  • Single string searches and dual string searches(AND, OR, AND NOT).
  • Random item picker to make unusual sample selections.
  • Support for file drop to another application.
  • Various application settings allow to change the performances, the behaviour or the
    look of the software.
  • Save,load library files, maintenance of the library.
  • Complete menu reference and advanced description of the application in a pdf document.
  • Customisable toolbar.

SampleTagger is currently in a final beta stage and is distributed as donationware for Windows PC.


Visit: AZ Audio



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