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News - September 2008


Homegrown Sounds updates Orgone Lite to v1.01        01st September 2008

Homegrown Sounds has released v1.01 of  Orgone Lite, freeware  synthesizer/sampler VST instruments for Windows PC.

This is the free version of Astralis Orgone which is Orgone with a reduced feature set. See the main orgone page for full Orgone info. It is free and fully functional and a feature packed synth in its own right. It is limited to a single synth as opposed to the 2 in Orgone and is locked to use a set of 25 samples. It includes 128 presets and the diversity of sound created from those 25 samples, demonstrates the power of the Astralis System.

The synth is free to use but donations are always appreciated and help me buy time to build/improve more instruments.

Changes in Astralis Orgone Lite v1.01

  • Many Visual Improvements.
  • Envelopes updated with zoom functionality, plus a menu (accessed by clicking at the top of the envelope) which gives access to all Envelope features..
  • The Clipper has now been replaced by a Compressor with Threshold and Ratio control.
  • Patch changes should now work as expected in Sonar when Orgone is closed.
  • Limiter Added - Orgone output is now limited to prevent clipping in hosts applications.


Visit: homegrown Sounds



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