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News - September 2008

Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis Orgone to v1.0.2       29th September 2008

Homegrown Sounds has updated Orgone Lite to v1.0.2.


  • Record to WAV added - Wavs will be recorded to a folder called Synth Recordings located in your HGSounds folder (chosen when installing the samples):
    • Choice of 16/24/32/32bit float bit depths.
    • Open Samples Folder Button.
    • Open Last Recorded Sample in System WAV player.
    • WAVS are auto-named by Synth Name, and then System Timestamp.
  • Fixed a bug where Pitch Bend setting would not update on already playing notes.
  • Fixed a bug where Microtuner Patch and Info would not load correctly in some situations.
  • Enabled an ON/OFF for the polyphony control as this replaces the note stealing rules.
  • Polyphony Mode automatically disabled in Mono Mode for the above reason.
  • Fixed a small bug where occasionally an incorrect Bank was displayed.
  • Samples in different folders can now have the same name and should be located correctly when patches are recalled.
  • Added a disable WAV Display Button to Info Section, as one user experienced crashes related to this module.

It is free and fully functional and a feature packed synth in its own right. It is limited to a single synth as opposed to the 2 in Orgone and is locked to use a set of 25 samples. It includes 128 presets and the diversity of sound created from those 25 samples, demonstrates the power of the Astralis System. The synth is free to use but donations are always appreciated and help me buy time to build/improve more instruments.

A free copy of Orgone Lite is available for download.


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