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Piano vst (46)


Joes Jazz Piano (freeware)

An acoustic piano that Joe sampled and used on a lot of his productions. Warm with good bass and treble. A little heavy. You need to have plenty of memory.

Developer: Joe Real


DOWNLOAD  68.78 mb


Piano Harp (freeware)

Piano Harp – Imagine if you played the piano like a harp? What would it sound like? It would sound like this VST great sound for mystical or romantic moods. Included in the last octave are Gliss samples for effect.

The file includes Windows 32 bit version.

License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Developer: necromare

DOWNLOAD  28.91 mb


Melodyno (freeware)

Melodyno free VST instrument.

The synthesizer gives sound of a violin, piano, trumpet, flute, bell, organ and drum.

The file includes Windows 32 bit version.

Developer: NaLex Software

DOWNLOAD  4.80 mb


Awesome Piano (freeware)

Awesome Piano is a free piano VSTi/AU plugin that can be used with any DAWs that supports VST/AU such as ableton live, logic pro, fl studio, etc.

The file includes Windows 32 bit version.

Visit developer site for Mac version.

Developer: Perez Karjee.

DOWNLOAD  69.60 mb


Joes Rhodes (freeware)

Joe’s Rhodes, the electric piano, simple, warm sampled thru a tube amp.

Developer: Joe Real

DOWNLOAD  44.94 mb


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