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Guitar effects (61) - Distortion, Amp simulator, Wah Wah, Noise gate


AmpliTubeŽ UNO (freeware)

AmpliTubeŽ UNO contains one amp and one distortion pedal effect.  The distortion effect is modeled after an analog solid-state overdrive stomp box. This is a warm, rich and versatile overdrive pedal that can saturate itself and overdrive the amp as well. The Crunch Model is the same one offered in the full version of AmpliTubeŽ. This model features an EQ stage with Lo, Mid and Hi tone control circuitry that recreates the authentic response of the modeled amp.  It also features an input gain control and an overall output level control.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD  3.11 mb


Topaz EZ Filter 2 v.1.0 (freeware)

Topaz EZ Filter 2 Free is a Multi Mode Filter that includes some simple but very usefull features. Filter types: LP/12, LP/24, BP, HP/12, HP/24, Cut Off freq, Envelope, Res, Envelope, Master Gain, Dry/Wet Mix, Auto Boost, each mode boosts the Master Gain by a factor of 1/2. This free version is fully functional but has a few features removed and saved for the full version including, 36 and 48 db filters, Auto Boost x 3 4 and 8x.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD 1.16 mb


Coyote Wah v.1.2 (freeware)

Coyote Wah is a VST plugin that offers professional-quality sweeping resonant
filter (wah-wah) effects. It has four settings, each emulating a popular foot-operated
wah-wah pedal.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD  1.12 mb

TubeDriver v.0.93 (freeware)

Freeware TubeDriver VST plug-in.

It is a tube amplifier designed to enrich the signal with warm tubey distortion. It`s based on real tube stage modeling.


BIAS - Determines saturation characterization.
DRIVE -Determines the amount of gain applied by the tube stage.
VOLUME - Output level. When light OVER - decrease VOLUME value.
CUTOFF - Cutoff frequency of Low Pass Filter.
RESONANSE - Resonanse of Low Pass Filter.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD  1.04 mb

Extremist v.1.2 (freeware, donationware)

Extremist is a multi-effect plug-in designed for use with guitars - its main purpose is for distorting a guitar signal to create an "extremely heavy sound". This effect is not a tube amplifier simulator, however some methods of altering the signal are similar to tube amplification characteristics.

Extremist works in stereo, without any latency, and includes a 15-band stereo equalizer. It uses SSE instructions for Pentium II or newer CPUs.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD  200 kb

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