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Modulation (44) - Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Pitch shifter


Effectizer (freeware)

Effectizer is a simple multi-effect plug-in that features six popular effects: WahWah, Overdrive, Tremolo, Modulation (Chorus/Flanger or Phaser), Stereo Delay (with ping-pong option) and Reverb.

Developer: GSi

DOWNLOAD  1.50 mb


Quilcom Dalek (freeware)

The Quilcom Dalek is a voice-changer I made for a bit of fun!

The original Dalek voice was made with an analogue ring modulator using a modulation sine wave with a frequency of 30Hz.

Since the original used non-linear components I have provided levels from a precise digital ring modulator and also from a non-linear saturated version to better emulate the original sound. Finally I’ve provided an absolute level source which is a rectified version of the input signal. This can also be mixed in to suit.

There are only 5 parameters to play with but these can provide a wide range of monster voices and other effects. A scope is provided to visualise what’s happening.

Developer: flowstoners.com

DOWNLOAD  3.03 mb


MyKazoo (freeware)

MyKazoo is a Kazoo simulator in the form of a  VST effect plug-in. Insert to a vocal track.

Developer: g200kg.com

DOWNLOAD  227 kb


d:SHIFT (donationware, free)


Developer: dazdisley.co.uk/whiteLABEL

DOWNLOAD  6.36 mb


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