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Modulation (45) - Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Pitch shifter


S p a t C h o r u s    5 (freeware)

Multichannel Chorus :

- one input / 5 outputs
- can produce chorus / phasing / flange effects
- independant 2D modulation for delay times and chorus intensity
- two XY modulators, with rate, symetry and width settings
- mute / activation for each channel


Developer: acousmodules.free.fr

DOWNLOAD  1.22 mb


Ultra Trigger fx free (freeware)

Ultra Trigger FX (UTFX) is a VST effect plug-in for Windows specially designed for real-time/live audio work - the main idea behind this multi FX is 'triggering': FX selection and mix value can be made directly from a MIDI keyboard or a MIDI control surface.s with a good quality delay object.

Developer: AZ Audio


DOWNLOAD  472 kb


TranceGate (freeware)

TranceGate is best described as a tremolo on steroids. The collection of vertical bars at the top of the screenshot represent volume levels.


- Powerful tremolo effect, consisting of individually adjustable bars for setting the volume levels of each stage of the tremolo
- Depth knob allows for a variety of uses, from subtle to over the top excess
- Sweeping filter, with 5 wave forms and 6 filter types
- Mono/Stereo delay
- Each section individually bypassable.

Developer: AcmeBarGig


DOWNLOAD  1.69 mb


Stempel Spectral Vocoder v.1.0 (freeware)

Stempel, spectral vocoder VST effect plug-in for Windows.

Contrary to many other vocoder, it’s not processing in the analog way (using band pass filters and signal followers) but in the frequency domain (in opposite to the time domain). In the frequency domain the sound representation is no more ‘amplitude versus time’ but rather a bank of complex numbers representing the magnitude and the angle of each frequency component present in a small time domain buffer.

Stempel operates with these complex numbers to reproduce the vocoder effect and then transform them back into time domain samples.

Two additional time domain effects can be applied to the vocoder:

- A saturator using the 'variable parabolic' shape - A standard chorus with a good quality delay object.

Developer: AZ Audio

DOWNLOAD  1.10 mb


MonstaChorus v.1.0 (freeware)

MonstaChorus - is a true analog style stereo chorus effect with a simple set of controls and fantastic sound quality. It features the usual depth and speed controls, plus a mixture knob to control the ratio of original to effected signal. Astute musicians will also notice that 2 of the knobs go to 13, a clear difference of “3” more points of quality compared to other plugins!

DOWNLOAD  916 kb


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