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Reverb (42)


Modern spacer v.2.5 (freeware)

Modern Spacer.
- Power, Meter On/Off button.
- In/Out meter mode switch.
Reverb On/Off switch.
- RT60, Damp, Width, Depth controls for Reverb.
Delay On/Off switch.
- Delay, Feedback, Decay, Mix controls for Delay.
- Input/Output level controls.
- Input/Output reset switch.

DOWNLOAD  1.47 mb


Classic Reverb v.1.06 (freeware)

Classic Reverb is a nice and smooth reverb that does a good job on almost any instrument. It can be adjusted to sound like most any acoustic space, ranging from a small shower to a large concert hall. With the "Hi-Damping" control, it is possible to change the sound from bright and sibilant to a more natural / warmer sound.

DOWNLOAD  368 kb


Freddymusic reverber v.1.1 (freeware)

Freddymusic reverber v.1.1.


Developer: freddymusic.hu

DOWNLOAD  1.38 mb


AriesVerb v.0.4a (freeware)

Effect-Reverb plugin with low CPU usage, based on a highly configurable fractional delay design.

When used conservatively as a room simuator, this plugin can do smooth reverbs with a lively and present sound.

In addition, this plugin can do more than just room simulation. Most parameters can be adjusted over a wide range of many orders of magnitude. The fractional delay allows for phasing effects in the microseconds (Ás) range, even below the actual sampling rate used. The delay length modulation can be adjusted in depth and speed, where the modulation speed may be so high that FM like effects are possible. There is also an overdrive distortion inside the feedback loop.

Developer: AriesCode

DOWNLOAD  440 kb


TAL-Reverb III v.0.96 (free, Open source)

TAL-Reverb-III is an easy to use stereo plate plugin. Its the replacement for TAL-Reverb-II and has several improvements as an optimized GUI and some changes in the algorithm. It has a simpified EQ section, a meter display and shows actual slider values. The reverb has its own character and produces a very diffuse plate. I tried to create a colorless and maximal diffuse plate reverb without grains and digital artefacts. Its the result of intense tuning and testing.

TAL-Reverb, based on juce is released under the Gnu Public Licence, which means it can be freely copied and distributed, and costs nothing to use in open-source applications. You maybe contact me if you want use the code in a commercial project.

Mac version download here!

Developer: Togu Audio Line



DOWNLOAD  827 kb

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